Outreach Services

All services at Optimism Place are available on an outreach basis. More specifically, any woman in Perth County is able to access our services and supports regardless of whether or not they have a need for shelter. 

Services can be accessed individually or in combination and will be tailored to a woman's individual needs. 

We are able meet with women in various locations across Perth County as well as at our North Perth office location in Listowel (by appointment only).

For emergency situations please call our 24hour crisis line:


For general inquiries regarding our outreach programming, please contact:

Joanne Grimes

Transition Program Coordinator/Legal Advocate


Services Available

Housing Assistance

  • completing housing applications

  • assisting women in acquiring needed documentation for example: identification, tax assessments, academic records, banking information, income verification

  • providing information about other housing options 

  • referrals to other housing search supports 

Healthy Relationships Counselling

  • how to set boundaries 

  • how to identify and address red flags 

  • how to be assertive

  • communication skills 

  • understanding what behaviours are abusive 

*healthy relationship counselling groups may be available

Other Services

  • advocacy with other organizations

  • navigating systems

  • in-meeting support with other organizations and service providers

Emotional Support

  • first level trauma support, stability, coping 

  • support for any abuse related emotions 

  • tailored to each persons needs

  • validating experiences and feelings 

  • developing emotional tool-kits 

  • referrals to intensive trauma support resources as needed