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In House Services

Residential Services

At Optimism Place, we understand that the decision to leave your home due to abuse is not made lightly. This is why we have fully trained counselors here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you navigate your new life in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment.

When you get to the shelter, one of our frontline crisis counselors will meet you, collect some important information from you and get you settled in your room. It is common for single women to share rooms but families are provided with rooms of their own. Your safety is of utmost importance to our staff, so we work with you to create a personalized safety plan.

The first few days at the shelter can be difficult for women and children. We understand what you have experienced and we want to make your transition to the shelter as seamless as possible. We offer both individual and group counseling for our residents. Many women tell us that it is helpful to hear that others are going through similar situations.

We have close ties with our community partners, so we can make referrals to legal, social, addiction, or children’s services that may be beneficial to you. It can be confusing dealing with so many different people, but our staff can help you and advocate for you when necessary.

At Optimism Place, we provide all necessities free of charge: food, clothes, toiletries, diapers, formula, and all linens.

We have a communal living environment with shared living rooms, bathrooms, and a large kitchen with a fully stocked pantry. Women in residence who are able are expected to help out a bit with chores.

We want you to feel totally safe and secure while staying at Optimism Place and we take the security of the building very seriously. There is a high quality security system and cameras strategically placed inside and out. We also have a zero tolerance policy for any type of abuse while in the shelter; our staff are well versed in helping residents deal appropriately with any conflict that arises.

We understand that women may use substances such as alcohol and drugs to cope with the abuse they have endured. If you rely on such substances, we can help you find healthier, safer ways to meet your needs. We ask residents to be up front and honest about their current use, so that we can help. We are here to discuss harm-reduction strategies and make referrals to professionals in the community who can assist you. Drugs and alcohol cannot be stored or used on the Optimism Place premises. Special accommodations will be made for women coming to the shelter under the influence.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about the residential services we offer. You can also come in to talk with a crisis counselor at any time, day or night.

Crisis line: 519-271-5550 or toll-free: 1-800-265-8598

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