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Optimism Place ~ Women's Shelter and Support Services in Stratford Optimism Place

Our Mission

Optimism Place Women’s Shelter and Support Services supports women alone or with children to live free of abuse by providing shelter and confidential, nonjudgmental service. We are committed to ending the cycle of abuse and violence by raising awareness through prevention, intervention and education and advocacy.


Ending woman abuse and its impact on all women, families and communities.


At Optimism Place, we believe in:

  • The equality of individuals
  • The importance of the whole woman and whole child
  • An individual’s responsibility and autonomy in making life choices
  • Working as partners with mutual respect
  • Being approachable, using open and honest communication
  • Providing empathy, acceptance, and reassurance
  • Using creative means to meet women's and children’s needs
  • Breaking down barriers and empowering women


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