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We have a free, 24-hour confidential crisis line. If you’re being abused physically, emotionally, sexually or living in fear -whether you have suffered abuse for the first time or a long time – call us. Your call will be answered by women who are trained in assisting victims of all forms of abuse. We’ll help you and arrange for free transportation to the shelter if you need it.

Call our crisis line:

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Optimism Place provides 8 weeks or more of free, secure and confidential accommodation for women over 16, with or without children.


At Optimism Place, we believe that a woman best understands her own saftey needs, so we work closely with our clients to establish individual safety plans that work for their unique circumstances.

Many people are concerned about physical safety, and while this is certainly one part of safety planning, we also look at a woman’s emotional, psychological, and financial safety, as well as how to use technology safely on a daily basis.

The two most dangerous times for women in abusive relationships are when she is pregnant and when she is planning on leaving her abuser. During these times, abusers often feel they are losing control and the abuse can escalate.

Although every situation is different, here are some questions you may want to consider in assessing your safety to manage your risk:

  • Do you have important documents or photocopies of them gathered? This includes birth certificates, health cards, SIN cards, rental/mortgage agreements, immigration papers, current bills, etc.
  • Do you keep your purse, keys, and wallet in an easily accessible place in case you need to leave in a hurry?

Suggestions for improving your safety:

  • Establish a code word with family or friends so they know to call police if you need help.
  • Avoid the kitchen, bathroom, and garage during an argument as these are common places where weapons can be found.
  • Create a new email address or change your passwords for your email, bank account, and anywhere else that you keep documentation.
  • If you are not tech savvy, ask a friend or find a business to check your phone for spyware that could be monitoring your movements.
  • Above all else, trust your gut.

Please call Optimism Place to talk with a crisis counselor more about your safety and determine a plan going forward.

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