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Are you concerned about your dating relationship – or a friend’s?

Do you feel things just aren’t right?

Dating can be confusing, especially when you’re young and new at it. But no matter how young or old you are, there are some things that should never, ever be part of a relationship – like intimidation, humiliation, yelling, attempts to control your behavior, jealous accusations and possessiveness.

And nobody should ever be subjected to punching, kicking, slapping, choking, physical confinement or any form of physical abuse.

And what about sex? Do you ever feel pressured to have sex when you don’t want to? Are you subjected to unwanted sexual touching or forced to participate in humiliating sexual acts? These are not part of a healthy dating relationship.

Dating should be fun. It should be about mutual respect, understanding and trust. And it shouldn’t mean you have to give up your friends or family members.

If you want to talk to somebody – confidentially – we’re here to help. We offer one-on-one counseling and group discussions. We also often liaise with teachers and instructors to give class presentations on this topic.


Jules and Nathan are dating. On Friday, when Jules is spending the evening at a friend’s house, Nathan keeps texting her throughout the evening. Jules pays more attention to her phone than her friend. Nathan keeps asking her what she’s doing, who is there and when she is leaving. He wants her to leave and spend the rest of the evening with him. Jules is worried about what will happen if she doesn’t answer his texts.

Jules may be in an emotionally abusive relationship. Nathan seems to be exhibiting signs of unsubstantiated jealousy and a desire to control Jules. He is pressuring Jules to feel that all her free time should be spent with him. He is keeping tabs on her through text messages.

Jules has the right to uninterrupted time with her friends. She could call Optimism Place at any time to discuss the matter with a counselor. Our Healthy Relationships Program is designed to assist people to understand the nature of their relationships and deal with ones that are unhealthy or abusive.

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