In-Shelter Services

Optimism Place works to ensure that the needs of women and children who stay in shelter are consistently met. We are able to accommodate dietary needs and limitations, religious and cultural observances, health needs, safety needs, accessibility needs, and more. 

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Rooming & Availability

Our shelter houses six regular rooms, each with two beds and two dressers. We also have one accessibility suite with an ensuite bathroom that is prioritized for women with accessibility needs. ​Rooms are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. When shelter is at capacity, women may be asked to share a room. Women in shelter with their children will not be required to share a room. Cots and cribs can be made available for mothers who need them. All bedding and pillows will be provided. 

There are several private bathrooms located throughout the shelter. Our bathrooms are shared among the women in shelter. Each bathroom is stocked with feminine hygiene products. ​

Upon arrival, women will be provided the toiletries and self-care products that they require. Women are able to request additional items as needed. 

Safety & Security


Optimism Place is a secured facility that maintains 24/7 security and surveillance. Soon after arrival, women will work to complete a safety plan with one of our frontline crisis counselors. At this time women will be able to fully discuss their safety needs and be made aware of safety and security expectations within Optimism Place.


Women in shelter are able to leave shelter to access the community as they wish and are expected to collaborate with staff on-site prior to doing so in order to ensure that safety of all women and children in shelter is maintained. 

All information disclosed or recorded during a woman's stay at Optimism Place is confidential and handled with great respect and care. Information will only be disclosed internally as required to continue facilitating someone's in-shelter care and externally when required by law, or where explicit consent is provided by you. 

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Kitchen & Dining

Optimism Place boasts a large, barrier-free kitchen. Our kitchen and pantry are always well-stocked with a large variety of delicious foods. Women in shelter have 24/7 access to our kitchen and pantry to prepare meals for themselves as well as their children. Use of the stove and oven are restricted after 11pm for safety reasons. 

Women in shelter are free to access food as they wish and need. We are able to accommodate all dietary needs, whether health-related, religious, or personal. Women are able to make special requests (for example: birthday cakes, special treats, school snacks for children, etc...) for our weekly grocery list which will be granted where our budget allows. 

Cooking and cleaning responsibilities in the kitchen are expected to be shared among residents. 

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Our Facilities

At Optimism Place we do our best to make time in shelter feel as comfortable and home-like as possible. We have a playroom full of toys for children in shelter to enjoy! There are two large communal living rooms where women can watch television and movies, play board games, read any number of books from our collection, or complete puzzles!


We have a well-secured backyard that features a beautiful playhouse, splashpad, and sandbox for the children. Our backyard is also equipped with a large, comfortable patio where women can safely enjoy some outdoor time. 

Optimism Place has on-site laundry available to women in shelter. We are often able to provide women with resources and material needs as requested/needed such as clothing, makeup, and toiletries.