Shelter Amenities

Our Shelter

At Optimism Place, we do our best to ensure that your time in our shelter is as comfortable as possible. We make sure that the needs of the women and children who stay in our shelter are always met.  


We are an emergency shelter for women with or without children who are experiencing violence. Women who use our shelter do not need to pay rent and may stay with us for up to eight weeks. We provide basic needs such as food, toiletries, clothing, diapers, and baby formula free of charge. 

We are more than happy to accommodate any dietary needs and limitations, religious and cultural observances, health and safety needs, accessibility needs, and more.

The outside of Optimism Place

Rooming, Availability, and Accessibility 

There are a total of seven rooms in our shelter. Rooms are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Single women will get their own rooms. Those with children will share a room with their kids. All bedding is provided. Cots and cribs may also be made available for those who need them. Our residence bathrooms have been recently renovated to be more accessible. These bathrooms are shared among the women residing in-shelter and are stocked with feminine hygiene products. Residents also have access to our on-site laundry.  

Our shelter is fully accessible. We have a barrier-free kitchen and a lift to assist with movement between floors for those who require it. We also have one accessibility suite with an ensuite bathroom that is prioritized for women with accessibility needs. 


Optimism Place boasts a large barrier-free kitchen. Our pantry is stocked with a variety of delicious foods and fresh produce. Women in our shelter always have access to our kitchen and pantry to grab a quick snack or prepare meals for her and her children. 

We are able to accommodate all dietary needs, whether health-conscious, dietary, or religious! Women may request special food products, like birthday cakes or school snacks to be added to our grocery list, and we will do our best to accommodate each request.  

All cooking and cleaning responsibilities of the kitchen are shared among residents. 

A photo of Optimism Place's kitchen

Kitchen and Dining

Optimism Place's backyard, There is a splashpad, sandpit, and deck.

Children’s Facilities and
Common Areas

Optimism Place has a large playroom full of toys for children to play with during their time in our shelter! We also have two large communal living rooms where women can watch movies or television, play board games, complete puzzles, and read a book from our extensive library.

We have a well-secured backyard that features a playhouse, splash pad, and sandbox for children to play in! Our backyard also has a large deck where women can relax and safely enjoy some outdoor time. 


Shelter Safety and Security

Optimism Place is a secure facility that maintains 24/7 security and surveillance. Upon arrival, women work with a member of our frontline crisis counsellors to develop a safety plan based on their safety needs. They will also review the safety and security expectations within Optimism Place.  

Folks residing in-shelter may come and go as they please and may even have visitors come to the shelter.  

All information disclosed or recorded during your stay at Optimism Place is confidential. Your information will only be disclosed internally as required to continue facilitating your in-shelter care. Your information will only be shared with external parties when it is required by law or when you provide explicit consent. 


For more information about the shelter, please visit our FAQ page.


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Our intake room. There are cozy chairs and warm lights.