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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Over a year ago we at Optimism Place recognized that our bathrooms were in serious need of an upgrade! Built over 25 years ago, they reflected the needs and functions of a shelter at that time. In that time, they have served us well as a place of privacy and healing within our shelter.

Now, we want to improve our facilities and, in doing so, our ability to help and serve women and children.

We committed to a renovation project that would greatly improve the capacity, accessibility, ease of use, and ability to clean the bathrooms. The current pandemic situation has only amplified the absolute need for, and importance of, this project.

We're really excited to share this news with you and have already broken ground! Once completed, our new bathrooms will provide women in shelter with a safe, clean, accessible, homey place where they can relax and unwind, or get ready for a new day.

We can't wait for this project to be completed, and we hope you will support us in getting there.

Jasmine Clark

Executive Director

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