Strength Grows at Optimism Place

Have you heard? Optimism Place has planted a new garden!

A blue planter full of young plants. A small painted rock is on the upper left corner of the planter.
A gardening we go!

Inspired by OAITH's Safety Grows Here campaign, Optimism Place has planted our very own vegetable garden to demonstrate our commitment to safety, growth, and healing.

Our gardening project began last week, with the resident women and children planting the first of the tomato plants. The garden can be tended to whenever the residents feel like it. We hope that this project can continue for years to come.

The act of gardening is known as a therapeutic method to relax and calm the mind. Gardening also reduces stress and anxiety.

We hope that this gardening initiative empowers women and acts as a visual reminder of their strength, resilience, and growth.

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