Meet the students behind the socials... Shauna-Rae Blakely

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

My time at Optimism Place has meant the world to me. Being part of the media outreach from October 2020-April 2021 has shown me how dedicated, courageous, and crucial the work and employees at Optimism Place are. This has been an outstanding experience for me, giving me the opportunity to engage in feminist activism in an online world and to be part of an organization so dedicated to allyship.

During my time at OP I worked alongside Leah and my partner Sierra to create meaningful social media posts that were both engaging and visually appealing. I worked on two campaigns, media recommendations and a campaign coming soon that is dedicated towards how to be an ally to someone experiencing domestic violence. These two campaigns were so important to me and allowed me to demonstrate my knowledge and passion for this organization and their supports.

This opportunity has helped me grow more confident in my communication and research abilities and allowed me to demonstrate parts of what I have learned during my undergraduate career. This project helped me feel part of something bigger than myself and to see tangible outcomes is so meaningful. This organizations values align so closely with my own and to be part of their team for this time, while the world was so uncertain, helped me form a strong part of my identity and shape my professional career moving forward. I am forever grateful for my time at OP and look forward to what the future holds.

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