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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Hello- I am a social work student currently completing my field placement with Optimism Place. When considering my placement setting, OP was first on my list as I was eager to support women and for the opportunity to work with an organization that operates within a feminist framework.

Due to the pandemic, I was initially forced to defer my placement and finally began, in a virtual capacity, in January 2021. I have since had the distinct pleasure of working with and learning from both survivors and the dedicated staff at Optimism Place.

While we have all been forced to adjust during this remarkable moment in time, what strikes me is the resilience and resourcefulness demonstrated by the women and children accessing OP’s services that I have, thus far, had the privilege of working with. It is imperative we acknowledge that violence against women is perpetuated and reinforced at the personal, political, and cultural levels of society, to truly appreciate the profound strength and tenacity that survivors escaping abusive relationships possess. I am eternally grateful to the women who have shared their stories with me and look forward to continuing to grow with survivors and the staff at OP.


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