Meet our team: Megan Miller

Hello everyone,

My name is Megan Miller and I am the Program Support Coordinator at Optimism Place. I have the distinct pleasure of working closely with our women in residency to provide them with all the basic needs such as clothing, food and a listening ear if they need it!

I wanted to take the time to shine the light on the incredible women and children we have the pleasure of serving at Optimism Place. Throughout my 8 years at Optimism Place, I have always been astounded by the courage and resiliency displayed by the women and children who access our services. Even though they have endured abuse from all different types of sources, they have been able to break free of the vicious cycle and identify how they wish to be treated. Many women have had systems placed in front of them, like the legal system, which has sometimes been a hindrance to their progress. With lots of encouragement and patience from staff, they were able to push past these trials and tribulations and still have their dignity and confidence intact. It gives me hope when I see women overcome hurdles and challenges that would otherwise be insurmountable; all with the willpower that drives them to want a better future.

My hope is that one day this shelter, our services, and our support will no longer be required as the world will become a place free from violence and abuse. Until then, I will continue to strive to be the best support person I can be for the women and children both inside and outside of our doors. I will continue to come to work each day with a new sense of purpose so that I can be ready and available when I am needed. My motto is - If you cannot change the world right now; do what you can to make it better one day at a time.

- Megan

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