Meet our team: Joanne Grimes

Hi my name is Joanne Grimes and I am the Family Court Support Worker at Optimism Place Women's Shelter and Support Services. I also work with women in the Transition Program. I have been in this role since 2008. Previous to that I worked at Optimism Place as a frontline crisis counsellor.

I get great satisfaction from assisting women and helping them feel empowered. When leaving an abusive relationship there are many obstacles and it can be overwhelming. By providing information and resources I work to empower women to navigate systems that can seem very daunting to say the least. In my role I have the privilege of working with women in residence as well as in an outreach capacity. In my time at Optimism Place I have learned that women have unfathomable strength and resilience! I feel very fortunate to be able to know these women and to be a part of their transition.


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