November 2020 Donor Feature: Julie Dingman

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Everyday, I encounter amazing, creative, ambitious, caring & trailblazing women in Perth County. And there are also many other strong, resilient, intelligent & optimistic women that may not be as visible but we need to highlight what they represent in our community. These are the women living at Optimism Place. Their willingness to commit to having a better life for themselves & their children is the kind of courage & strength that we need to celebrate. They are the women whose power within had been diminished by a partner, but only to find it return once they’re in the safe & supportive surroundings of Optimism Place. It only takes one harmful relationship to put a woman on a path that they never thought they would be on. And it takes the steady hand of those working at Optimism Place for women to reach for it when they need it most. I support Optimism Place & I support every woman who walks through their doors." ​ Julie has been an ongoing supporter of Optimism Place, continuously supporting our Wrapped in Courage campaign and Women of the Year awards.

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