Donor Feature: Selena & Jeff... a couple of great supporters!

Hello! My name is Selena and my partner Jeff and I have both supported Optimism Place in different capacities. I have been able to help through my small business, The Chica Project. It’s important to me to support women and children in our community by using my platform to not only educate, but to provide tangible resources to those in need. In some occasions this has meant raising money for the women’s shelter, buying groceries for the week, and aiding with food drives in the community.

My partner Jeff has also supported the shelter through his rugby career. As a Wilfrid Laurier University Rugby Alum and as the current Captain of the Stratford Blackswans Rugby Club, Jeff has organized numerous donation drives for the women and children at Optimism Place. Both Rugby teams have been incredible at collecting not only resources, but also giving their time to support the cause at hand. Supporting vulnerable people within our community has always been important to us. We look to create opportunities to help raise awareness surrounding gender based violence and the economic and social impact it has for women and children in Perth County. We know how important it is to use our voices to educate and empower and we will continue to support the amazing work that Optimism Place and it’s staff does for our community.

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