Donor feature: Sarah Courtney Art Studios

An artist posing with her painting of the female body.
Sarah with an original work of art.

Hi there! My name is Sarah. I am an artist with my own small business, Sarah Courtney Art Studios. I was lucky enough to find out about Optimism Place and the great work they do through a mutual friend.

My work focuses on body positivity and women empowerment through the portrayal of the human body. I paint nude portraits and make nude stained glass ornaments to take back the female body from the scrutiny of the media. I believe that desensitizing the public to the natural female body will reduce criticism and harassment towards women.

The work that Optimism Place does to support women and children in need by providing tangible and accessible resources is extremely important and something that I care deeply about. OP provides women alone and women with children with shelter and non-judgemental support services. Their commitment to ending the cycle of abuse and violence towards women is a goal that I believe strongly in.

I have been able to raise money for Optimism Place through a silent auction of one of my artworks, and I will be donating a piece to an auction held by OP later this year to raise money for their organization. I plan to continue to help in any capacity that I can so that Optimism Place can continue to do amazing work.


Sarah Courtney has graciously donated one of her art pieces to our Women of the Year silent auction. For more information on the Women of the Year Awards, please click here.

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