Children's Support Services

 Optimism Place is proud to offer services and support to mothers and their children. We understand that for mothers seeking refuge, children can often be their primary concern. That's why at Optimism Place, whether in-shelter or through outreach services, we will work with you to make sure that the needs and safety of your children are of highest priority. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to find out more about the services available, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Children's Services Coordinator, Sally. 


Sally Chaffe

Children's Services Coordinator
519-271-5310 x 111

Optimism Place's Children’s Services Coordinator can provide crisis intervention and supportive counselling for children and their mothers. For children, this may focus on their feelings, the family changes they have experienced, and the abuse they have witnessed. For mothers, we provide education on how their child has been impacted by witnessing the abuse, as well as parenting support and skill development.

Mothers may be interested in referrals to community services for children such as the Early Years Centre, Perth District Health Unit, local day cares, day camps, and the public library. Some families may already be involved with other community agencies such as the Child and Youth Mental Health Services, or the Children’s Aid Society and we can act as an advocate for mothers and children.

The Children’s Services Coordinator can help mothers to register their children in school if they have relocated to this area or need to change schools for safety reasons. Schools that we work with are aware, and sensitive to, our safety concerns for the children. The Children’s Services Coordinator or a volunteer can provide childcare while mothers participate in the in-house women’s group, or attend professional appointments (e.g. legal or medical).

The Children’s Services Coordinator provides individual and group support to children who have been witness to woman abuse on an outreach basis. This service is open to children who may or may not have lived at the shelter.

On-site childcare can be made available to women who need to attend medical appointments and/or meetings with in-house counsellors. 

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